Welcome to RISCA's online grant application system!

Now submitting an application to RISCA is even easier. Now that you're logged in, click on the "Current Programs and Applications" button to review current grant offerings by RISCA. Make sure you take note of the deadline dates: you will need to submit your application by the close of business on that date in order to apply. No more running to the RISCA offices on the deadline date - just click submit! And we save paper, because you no longer need to make several copies of the many pages of a paper application form - just click submit!

You will be able to work on your application - save your work - and then come back to pick up where you left off. To review guidelines just click on the "Guidelines" button for links to all current guidelines.

If you have any questions or problems contact your program director (the list is at http://www.arts.ri.gov/about/staff/) or email us at info@arts.ri.gov